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Sat on the Rocks

What I offer

"I don't want to change you, I want to remind you who you are"

Whether you are struggling with stress, anxiety, sadness or just need someone to vent at. I can assist you there. My sessions are 100% tailor-made to fit around what you want AND what you need. My intention is to make sure that you are the happiest, most confident, best version of yourself that you can be.

All of my sessions are online. That way, you can sit back and relax from the comfort of wherever you want. 

My Services: Services

FREE Session

One-off Session

In this FREE 30 minute online session, we will get to know each other. I want to hear what you are wanting to get out of coaching and whether or not I am the person to help.

Sometimes, we just need to talk things through and have someone to reassure us that things are okay. If that is what you need, then this session is perfect for you


The EVOLVE programme

I will guide you through this journey from beginning to end

This is my most popular option. Together, we will design a step by step plan for you to go from where you are, to where you deserve to be. I will guide you through the entire process and be right there with you.

In this 10 session package, we will have a session once a week for 6 weeks and then every other week for the remaining 4 sessions. That way, we can ensure that by the end of the programme, you are more than ready to show the world this brand new you.

On top of the sessions, you will be able to have unlimited contact with me throughout the programme by phone call, text or email.


One-Off session

Let's talk it through!

For a one off session, I will listen to what you feel is preventing you from achieving what you need. Based on what we talk about, I will advise you on the best next steps to take. This session can be booked as often as you need it.

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