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Performance & Wellbeing Coach

"I aim to be the person I needed"

Jay qualified as a life coach in 2018 after developing a passion for helping others who were struggling with situations very similar to what he went through as a teenager.

Jay's coaching style definitely comes from a place of passion. He will often make clients feel as if he is right there with them through the entire journey. He says that he doesn't want his clients to feel as if they are being "coached". "This is an exciting journey, it should feel like you have a friend and guide on the journey with you."

Jay knows what it takes to get from where you are, to where you need to be. He has been there, been through it and is now on the other side knowing exactly what it takes for you to do the same.

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My Story

As a young teenager, I felt as if I had it all. I was popular, in most sports teams at school and was predicted a lot of good grades. Life seemed easy and enjoyable. 

But, during my first GCSE exam at the age of 16, I experienced my first panic attack. All of a sudden, that easy, enjoyable life felt as if it had disappeared and I was left with something that I had no idea how to deal with.

For those of you who have experienced a panic attack, you'll know that they are not the most pleasant of experiences! I did everything I could to avoid having one and spent my entire time scared that I could have an attack at any minute. I felt powerless. At this point, it seemed as though no one had much experience with anxiety and no one could pin point what was happening. 

I tried various different methods to work out what had changed, but I was less interested in how I got to be where I was and I was a lot more focussed on how to get away from it! - This is where I went wrong. I had decided in my mind that I could not handle panic attacks, so I avoided them at all costs. Even if that meant spending 18 hours a day laying in bed watching "Friends" on repeat!

It wasn't until I found life coaching that things improved for me. I realised here that I COULD control these attacks. It wasn't about avoiding them, it was learning how to deal with them. Now it's safe to say that I didn't master this on my first try. In fact, it took a while for me to trust the process and to find the confidence to put my entire trust in the process, but once I did, it changed everything.

I became obsessed with knowing how the mind worked. Why do we get anxious? do we need fear? How can we control it? These were the questions that I dedicated all of my spare time to answering.

After years of studying various techniques and methods, I found myself in a position to help others. Friends were coming to me for advice and I was able to help! For me, this was the most rewarding feeling I had ever felt.

One day, while speaking with a friend of mine, I said "I wish I could travel back in time and share what I know now with my past self". The response was "You know, there are thousands of past you's looking for the answers now".

That was all I needed, I decided to get my qualification as a life coach and spend my time helping those who were going through similar experiences to what I went through. I say "I aim to be the person I needed". Well, I can proudly say, that since qualifying, I have met thousands of "past me's" and I have become the person that they needed.

Maybe I am exactly what you need to? In fact, if you have read this far, I would guess that at least some of this has resonated with you. 

If you are sure that you want to work with me then book a FREE call.

If you're still unsure, well, book a FREE call. That way you get more time to decide! 

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